Talk to Civic Society 29 Nov – come along!

Graham Truscott of Melbourne Area Transition will be setting out the challenges of moving to a low-carbon, energy constrained future and why the answers to these challenges lie at the local level. 

Leisure Centre, Melbourne – 7.30pm 29th November 2010

Everyone is needed

Melbourne Area Transition is community-led.  Anyone can be involved. Everyone is needed – local people, community groups, young people, businesses, funders and investors, partners, local government.

Inclusion is a fundamental principle of Transition.  We are only as resilient as our neighbours.

The Transition process thus far has created a host of opportunities for all sectors of the community; reducing costs for householders, creating new livelihoods and businesses, delivering new school programmes, and hosting fun, inspiring, skills sharing activities … to name a few.   None of this happens by a small group of people trying to deliver a full programme of activities; it is achieved by individuals and organisations embracing the Transition idea and making it their own.

Low Carbon Village

Melbourne has joined South Derbyshire District Council’s Low Carbon Village project.  This will particularly assist us in promoting energy efficiency and subsidised insulation within the area, and will enable us to tap into information, resources and funds.

Community Woodland/Orchard

Melbourne Area Transition is in discussion with the Forestry Commission and the National Forest Company about planting a community woodland/ orchard close to Melbourne, Ticknall and Stanton by Bridge.  We aim to plant a large selection of edible trees and other productive trees and plants to improve our community’s future resilience, and to involve as much of the community as possible in this exciting project.  Email us if you would like to get involved.