Make a pledge on the Carbon Capture Tree

As a contribution to Climate Change Week MAT has recently planted a carbon capture bottle tree and you can help it grow!

Make a pledge to save carbon over the next 12 months in any of the simple ways shown below. For each pledge we receive a “Leaf” will be added to the bottle tree. A MAT event held earlier this year has already produced pledges to save over 3 tonnes of carbon.

You can see the carbon capture bottle tree on Shepherds Lane, Melbourne.


Pledge CO2 Saved
Recycle all home waste  420 kg
Replace all light bulbs with   energy saving ones  172 kg
Replace old fridge freezer with   A+ rated  142 kg
Install cavity wall insulation  808 kg
Use clothes line instead of   tumble dryer  194 kg
Turn thermostat down by 1°C  325 kg
Boil only the water you need in   the kettle    27 kg
Car share 12 miles once a week    97 kg
Switch off office computer   & monitor   537 kg
Switch to a renewable   electricity tariff 1133 kg
Skip one short haul flight   360 kg
Eat locally grown seasonal   fruit & veg 1100 kg


If you need advice on carbon saving – which generally saves you money too – MAT members will be only too pleased to help.

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